Humpback Whales Bubble Net Feeding

Humpback Whales Bubblenet Feeding Juneau Southeast Alaska - Photo (c) Laurent Dick - Wild Alaska Travel
When my son Florian and I embarked on his uncle Sean McKeown’s boat yesterday morning, the goal was just to catch some salmon. Unfortunately, the fishing wasn’t that great. However, the whale watching was world class! Thanks to Sean, we were able to observe humpback whales bubble net feeding, diving and even breaching. Needless to say that it was an awesome day on the water!

Here, several humpback whales capture herring by engaging in bubble net feeding, a complex feeding maneuver that is often accompanied by the apparent directed use of air bubble clouds to corral the herring into a small area so that the whales can more efficiently scoop up the herring in their large filter-feeding mouths.



paul and melanie hanus - Laurent,great pic,brings back recent memories.Bro-in-law Sean knows the waters and is a great host.My sis,Heidi also takes cre at the house,Thanks both. Brady and Garrett give a shout out to Florian,and Hey to Greta from the both of us. Paul and Melanie Toledo,Ohio